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In 2013 the NSW Government passed the Strata Schemes Management (Child Window Safety
Devices) Act, 2013 (NSW) that legislated changes to all window safety requirements. All
windows above ground level accessible to children from inside the building are now required
to be fitted with safety devices.

Your Safety - Our Priority

Safety is the first priority in any living area & we are here to provide you with the most
secured way of living. With our windows, acting as a safety, you can be tension free for your
little kids.

Why use Secure Windows?

It is the responsibility of owners corporation to ensure window safety compliance in accordance with the Act. All buildings must comply with the requirements by 13 March 2018 or risk being fined.

  • Fly screens are not strong enough! It is the law!
  • The easiest and most effective way to ensure compliance - call the specialists, Secure Windows.
  • Secure Windows supports the Kids don't Fly initiative.
  • Ask Secure Windows for a quote today!



A window is required by law to be fitted with a safety device if;

  • the lowest past of the window is less than 1.7m above the floor; and
  • the external floor under the window is 2m or more above the outside surface.

All safety devices used must restrict the limit of the maximum window opening to 12.5cm, be robust and childproof.

Secure Windows

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